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Just GUMBOOTS, The art of being!


Art and culture from here and elsewhere, from yesterday to today, lead each student, teacher and speaker to better understand others and to discover the world around them.

They are essential allies for education, development, creativity, discovery and living together.

Just Gumboots accompanies you in this mission and ensures the inclusion of all. These offers are suitable for small, medium and large schools in large urban centers and those in the regions, for all school levels and classes as well as for children with special needs.

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Our school paks

Choose the concept that corresponds to your event:

The Discovery Pak

Cultural workshops

Introduce your school to Gumboots through a well-rounded program consisting of art, culture and sports.

Cultural discoveries combining history, culture and rhythms. Gumboots Art Discovery workshops are real energy boosters.

The pedago PAK

gumboots & percussions

During the pedagogical days, turn your youngsters into percussion enthusiasts. Practiced from West Africa to South Africa, percussion is at the center of African rhythms, cultures and  heritage.  Provided by professionals, sharing an exceptional experience with your young people will be there. 

The Exploration Pak

School tours

Great workshops, events or gatherings suitable for all classes in the same school or several schools in the same region.

All of which can be crowned by a show organized by the students.

The Show PAK

Events & gatherings

Stories, rhythms, cultures and experiences come together on a cultural journey to the heart of South Africa.

To celebrate the start of the new school year, the end of the year or even unique occasions at school,  the brand new Gumboots school show will amaze young and old.


special Projects



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How do the Gumboots online sessions work?

No need for advanced computer knowledge. Like any other line dancing session, you have exclusive access to our virtual space for the time of a live or on-demand experience and in just a few clicks you are connected!

Intense and fun, directly related to culture, language, physical education and dance, Just has created an absolutely fantastic workshop!

- Mr. Yu, North Agincourt Public School Elementary School

Gumboots is a traditional-modern percussive dance originating from   South Africa. It is an intense dance that does not require any musical instrument but will instead be accompanied by clapping of the hands and feet on rubber boots, hence the name  Gumboots.


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So how about putting on your boots and having
a good time with us?

(no boots? no problem! we provide boots for rent!)


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