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Our purpose:

open up and
discover yourself
through Arts.

Just Gumboots wishes to make African art accessible to all and lead to a cultural discovery of the world. We offer services to schools, recreation centers and businesses. Several times a year,  we respond to requests for shows and artistic discoveries.



Just Aïssi, artist and entrepreneur, founded the Just Gumboots company more than twenty years ago. A true ambassador of African culture, Just transmits the beauty and heritage of this culture through dance... and boots!


Just communicates his passion, his expertise and his contagious energy to promote his art, while highlighting talented artists from the African music scene in Canada.


Through his innovative workshops, he brilliantly combines dance, art, culture, music and language to create a captivating and unforgettable experience that is: Gumboots!


Gumboots have their origins in the gold mines of South Africa during the era of racial segregation.


The miners were given rubber boots to work with and were forbidden to speak. The latter then invented a form of non-verbal communication using the pounding of the feet and the clapping of the hands.


Today Gumboots is practiced all over the world and this dance continues to inspire all those who lend themselves to the experience.


Gumboots introduces participants to a percussive dance where the body is used as a musical instrument played with rubber boots.


Gumboots is  Stomp  earliest influence and originated in South Africa, when miners used rhythm and dance to communicate.


We can discover the history, the cultural evolution, the values of resilience and cohesion, learn the steps and the choreographies and why not, create an artistic number.


Just Gumboots is a company that works in the field of art. Our mission consists of:


  • Offering a new form of educational, participative and inspiring entertainment;

  • Having a positive influence through creativity and art with different target audiences.

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion through the dissemination of art through performances, festivals and artistic and cultural platforms.

Silhouette d'éléphant


Our heritage is our primary value. It allows us to transmit to current and future generations the heritage bequeathed by African culture and art. Through this heritage of rhythm, music and gestures we promote communication, peace, acceptance, resilience and solidarity.


We believe in the intrinsic value of solidarity by promoting mutual trust, harmony of interests and the collaborative and participative approach between Just Gumboots and its various clienteles, partners, artists and collaborators.


The Gumboots was born from solidarity and mutual aid; synergy is therefore very important at Just Gumboots. We believe that this value transforms a group of people into a team. And when trust and responsibility are valued, together it is easier to achieve the objectives set.


The Value of Sharing represents sharing the passion for dance, music, creativity, art and entertainment. Sharing for mutual enrichment and understanding between peoples and nations. 

Social Responsibility

Just Gumboots wants to create shared value and be a socially responsible company. She gets involved in the community by supporting the “Feed the Children” project.


We workwith you


We offer schools in towns and regions, vocational and adult training centers the opportunity to discover a whole cultural and artistic heritage that reinforces the learning of our young people.


We make it a point of honor to make Gumboots and all other African arts known to the most remote schools in Quebec and Canada as well as to those in indigenous communities.


We help establish culture as a pillar of sustainable development in society and in our community.


We work with youth, cultural and art organizations, libraries, festivals and all other platforms that allow the dissemination of culture as values of citizenship and expressions.


Just Gumboots also shares the principles and values of Gumboots with companies in the form of team building workshops.

It also tackles the issues of integration and multiculturalism in the professional environment and thus makes it possible to transform differences into organizational strength.

Notre équipe

Our team

Just GUMBOOTS works as a team. We bring together artists and various professionals in the fields of management, logistics, communication and technology to help us realize our dream of promotion, discovery and travel through Gumboots and African art.

Our front team

Just A.

Artist, Founder and Public Relations

Joseph A.

Artist , Head of artistic training

Karl O.

Artist, Chief Artistic Director

Stephane G.

Artist, team leader

Our back team

Isabelle B.

President &

Executive Director

Yaya T.

Logistics management

& Customers relationship

Daryl G.

 Digital Marketing & Communications

Cynthia P.

Database Analyst & Web Development   

Our collab team

The Just Gumboots company would like to thank all the people who contribute to the success of this project as partners, volunteers, investors, freelancers or donors. 

In order to improve ourselves, we are always looking for talents in their fields for a win-win collaboration. Write to us now by clicking on  Collaborate with Just Gumboots.

Ancre 1



We are partners of the Ministry of Culture and Education in Quebec and referred by the School Support and Grant Program, Culture à L'École. This program allows us to work with all school service centers in Quebec. Check if you qualify.


The International Cooperative of Self-Employed Workers

of Quebec, accompanies

Just Gumboots in its development, positioning and daily management through its network of experts and advisors in Quebec in Canada and



We are from the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Through this agreement, more than 583 schools can potentially have access to a grant and thus allow some 247,000 students to benefit from this cultural and artistic journey offered by Just Gumboots.

logo-masc (1).jpg

We work with the organization MASC, a partner of choice offering more than 100,000 children, young people, teachers and seniors in Quebec and Ontario the sharing of culture, art and traditions.


We work with a large network of artists, percussionists, musicians and dancers across Quebec, Canada and internationally to promote the diversity and richness of African cultures and traditions to all art lovers.

Kid ' s Jouer à l'extérieur


We are confident that with your support, we will be able to create not only a difference, but above all a new lifestyle where we learn to watch over each other and return the favor to others, because it is in this type of society that we want to see our children grow up.

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