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Cultural events


Just Gumboots is proud to be part of Canada's cultural heritage.   We contribute to building a multicultural and plural society by participating in various key cultural events and platforms in Canada and internationally.


Whether the event is small or large, for cultural, leisure, sporting, recreational, social or civic purposes, we are ready to intervene and share our history, our values, our experience and know-how of Gumboots. .


Social and unifying dance

For all the

​age groups

for families

small events
or large scale

Why having Gumboots6


Our cultural Paks
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Flash Gumboots

For all special events, unique and original and important for you, your loved ones or your organization such as: Inauguration, Wedding, Birthday, Flash mob, Activation, etc., our artists will satisfy you and bring a special experience to your event.

GumbootCamp - Summer Camp

This is an educational and artistic summer camp, allowing young people and teenagers to explore the cultural riches of South Africa through Gumboots dance. These activities are an excellent complement to youth, culture and leisure education programs. From fun workshops to intensive training, from simple activity to mini-production, Gumboots artists adapt to all your themes to create entertaining animation. Workshops can have several components, such as rhythm and percussion. The end show is accompanied by children and adults dancing to the rhythms of world music. This animation provides a group with enriching and stimulating experiences. Benefits and skills developed: Simulate a show scenario Work together To discover yourself learn from each other Develop the creative and collaborative spirit. Useful information : Where: Quebec, Ontario, Other provinces and Internationally How: Interior, Exterior* Mode: Face-to-face, Virtual When: End of June to end of August Number of participants: Small group: minimum 20 participants * under certain conditions

Good dance class
Cardio Gumboots

Discover an exclusive way to stay in shape with Cardio-Gumboots! With or without boots, at each class we invite you to take up new challenges and surpass yourself! Advantages : Work all parts of the body, focusing on the leg muscles. Be fit and healthy Reduce stress Manage your emotions Do a group activity Strengthen the team Useful information: Where: Quebec, Ontario, Other provinces and Internationally How: Interior Mode: Face-to-face or Virtual Prerequisite: No need to have practiced a physical activity When: All year round Number of participants: Individual or Group Course: (10-25 participants) Duration of the workshop: 60 min

Chantal Racine, Director of Francophone Programming, MASC (2022)
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