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Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Ignite your program this summer and give campers an experience to remember


Each summer, Just Aissi, and friends partner with local day camps in Ontario and Quebec to offer dance, percussion, and singing workshops and performances for youth and adolescents. Ignite your camp this summer and give campers and experience to remember. 

Our weeklong programs are a huge hit with both leaders and campers. We bring the set-up, the entertainment, and the instruction. 
The kids will get a chance to explore rhythm, active listening, their body in space, emotions, stage production and creation. A week packed with learning experiences and laughter. The workshop ends with a performance for parents and friends.
  • 4 / 1hr workshops followed by a final day performance 
  • Half day or full-day bookings available (morning/afternoon sessions)
  • Intended for camps with 200+ children/youth
  • Relevant for wide range of ages
  • Participants progress from beginner to intermediate level 
  • Rubber boots provided
  • Programs available in French and English

Adult Classes

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